Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Your blog is called “Read the Write Act”, you know that the saying is “read the riot act” don’t you?

Yes. I am well aware of the original saying and its origins, but it is a bit of a play on words because “riot” and “write” sound similar. Just roll with it.


Q. Do you have any qualifications to be a book reviewer?

Yes I read books. In all seriousness I have qualifications which are completely redundant in the realm of book reviewing (Bachelor of Business). I do however read quite a lot and for me anyone who reads books is already a reviewer, regardless of if you publicise your views or not.


Q. Some of the books you review are given to you by publishers, do you give these books a higher rating because of that?

Absolutely not. In a past life I was an analyst and my job was to objectively critique anything that crossed my desk, regardless of the source. I take this same work ethic in my book reviews. I give my honest personal opinion and I think that publishers probably prefer this because they want true feedback. I will say that when I receive a book from a publisher, rather than purchasing it myself, I do feel obliged to review it in a timely manner. That is really the only point of difference.


Q. What format do you prefer your books in?

I am a bit of a traditionalist in this regard. I love hardbacks especially for the durability factor. For economy however I tend to pick paperbacks. I have personally never read a book on an eReader. I know that this goes against the trend nowadays, but IΒ love the feel and smell of books. I have a library of them all and there is something about looking at all of those spines that just makes me happy. I also find that reading on a screen hurts the old eyeballs a bit after a while. I might try an e-book one day. I will have to blog about it and let you all know how it goes!


Q. I am a publisher. How can I get in contact with you?

Head over to myΒ ContactΒ page and drop me an email.