Serene the Human Crystal


Rating: ☕☕☕ 3/5 teacups


Serene works in a New York City art gallery. She handpicked this life, yet she can’t stomach it. She knows there is something not only wrong with her existence but also with the world in which we live. Social discord and saddening chaos are like two hands tightening around her throat. When her overbearing boss forces her to attend a lavish party in France to land a sale, she winds up in a living nightmare.

Serene encounters the Countess—a wicked manifestation of dark energy that humankind has been working hard to create, in spite of ourselves. She is our fear, anger, hurt, and self-destruction all in one. Her physical form is a beautiful six-foot-tall cancer wrapped in couture and always hunting you.

Serene’s story is also one of love. She falls for James, a man birthed from a lineage of opera singers who have all committed suicide. Serene meets a rainbow of energy. The first, being an unearthly, cuttlefish that envelopes her with a symphony of color, light and sound. Immersed in deep turquoise waters and even deeper inside of the cephalopod. She feels it contract and expand with every beat of her heart. She is birthed both physically and spiritually—and so her journey begins.

Equal parts HARRY POTTER, and GOSSIP GIRL, SERENE is a never before told story. The first to merge the contrasting worlds of art/pop culture and spirituality in a riveting tale that, above all, is a celebration of human capability, living and loving without boundaries or fear.


My Review

This book isn’t going to be for everyone and unfortunately I think that I fall into category.

I was quite sick while I was reading this book (a virus, the book didn’t make me sick!) and I think that possibly I wasn’t in the right headspace for reading something so deep because it really did get deep. Being compared to Gossip Girl, Twilight and Harry Potter I was expecting some dark elements but also a lot of light hearted character building. The first quarter of the book really lensed itself toward Gossip Girl- fast parties, rich New Yorkers.

After the first quarter, the book takes a very deep and meaningful turn and while I expected soul searching and enlightenment, I didn’t expect the whole thing to be soul searching and enlightenment. This book goes on an epic journey across so many different places but the theme is the same no matter the location. The dialogue between characters is either about spiritual awakening or non existent. I needed more normality to make me connect. I think Williams character was meant to help bring this but I found that his willingness to go along with Serene and his sceptical attitude were at odds. In the end he had his own awakening but it felt forced. I wanted him to be a sceptic but still be supportive of his friend, for me that is more real.

James perked my interest early on and I liked him as a character but I wanted to see more of him! He hardly features. I know this is about Serene but if I am meant to feel that she has fallen in love with this man I need to see more of this man, otherwise it just screams inta love and lust.

The first quarter of this book I really did enjoy I just wish that it continued on that same path. There are only so many jungle walks and half tripping awakenings I can deal with. Take me back to the drama of The Countesses ball. I did get sick while reading it like I said but I still believe that the level of “deep” just wasn’t for me. I know that some people will love this book, it just isn’t me.

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Balboa Press

This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

Happy reading x

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