A Curse of Ash and Embers


Rating: ☕☕☕ 5/5 teacups


A dead witch. A bitter curse. A battle of magic.

Some people knit socks by the fire at night. Gyssha Blackbone made monsters.

But the old witch is dead now, and somehow it’s Elodie’s job to clean up the mess.

When she was hired at Black Oak Cottage, Elodie had no idea she’d find herself working for a witch; and her acid-tongued new mistress, Aleida, was not expecting a housemaid to turn up on her doorstep.

Gyssha’s final curse left Aleida practically dead on her feet, and now, with huge monsters roaming the woods, a demonic tree lurking in the orchard and an angry warlock demanding repayment of a debt, Aleida needs Elodie’s help, whether she likes it or not.

And no matter what the old witch throws at her, to Elodie it’s still better than going back home.


My Review

This was a nice change of pace! I love this story and in a way it sort of made me feel nostalgic. A witch living in a run-down house in the country using wands, potions and cauldrons. It is reminiscent of a dark fairytale. It was so good to have some traditional style magic and not someone who was blessed with “powers” of some kind. Not that I don’t enjoy those books but they do feel a bit repetitive.

The detail in this book in terms of the plot twists and intricacies of the magic were unexpected. It felt like I was seeing the story instead of reading it. That is exactly where I want a book to take me. I read the excerpt of the first chapter of next book and it has certainly left me hanging, I need more.

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Booktopia

This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

Happy reading x

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