The Edge of Everything



Every day, Zoe struggles to keep going. The cruel winter took her father ‘s life and left her angry and broken hearted. As she carries her little brother through a snowstorm that could kill him in minutes, her only thought is finding shelter. The cabin beyond the woods is far from the place of safety she hoped it would be, but it is there that she meets a man whose muscular body, marked with strange and primitive tattoos, hints at an extraordinary story. He has the power to light up the lake, and with it, Zoe ‘s world.

Zoe calls the stranger X. He is a bounty hunter, tormented by the evils of his victims, which course through his veins. X has never known anything but hate, until he meets Zoe. She shows him what a heart is really for and, if they can find a way to be together, just maybe, his pain can help Zoe forget her own.


My Review

What an interesting book! I mean seriously interesting. Zoe is definitely going through a rough patch with what happens to her dad, her neighbour dying, realising that the guy you like is a hunter from hell… You know the usual teen drama.

Zoe and X are super cute. But to say their relationship is going to have issues is an understatement. You know with him living in hell and all that. X is cool and mysterious but I also really like Dallas. He is just a regular guy trying to impress a girl and I honestly think he is super sweet. Do I think Zoe will end up with him? Absolutely not, but I have a soft spot for him.

I think this a strong point of this book, there are so many likeable characters. Cute little Jonah, Ripper, Banger, Rufus, Regent, Val. They are all brilliant. It is great to see an author put so much into all of the characters and still having a stellar plot.

The plot of this is like nothing I have read before and for this genre that is a miracle. It is great book and I can’t wait to start the sequel!

Overall Rating:  4.5/5 teacups

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Booktopia
📗 Book Depository

This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

Happy reading x

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