The Honey Farm

AUTHOR: Harriet Alida Lye • GENRE: Thriller • PAGES: 328

NOTE- I was given a review copy of The Honey Farm from the amazing people at Penguin Random House Australia in exchange for my honest review. If you wish to see my review policy you can find it here.


After a long drought, Cynthia’s isolated honey farm has suffered in the heat. Soil dries into sand; honeycomb stiffens into wax. But she has a plan: offer the farm as an artists’ colony with free board and ‘life experience’ in exchange for a summer of hard labour. For Silvia, a recent graduate and would-be poet, the chance to test her independence proves irresistible – as does Ibrahim, a passionate painter she meets there.

But the honey farm isn’t all it seems. The idyllic summer is soon plagued by ominous events: taps run red, scalps itch with lice, frogs swarm the pond. The constant drone of bees begins to build like thunder in the air.

One by one the other residents leave, until only Silvia and Ibrahim remain – perilously in love under Cynthia’s watchful eye. And as summer shifts into autumn, Silvia becomes increasingly paranoid that they are in danger. What are the shadowy secrets that Cynthia is hiding? And if Silvia and Ibrahim have overstayed their welcome, what happens when they want to leave?


My Review

The writing style of this book is very intellectual and almost academic which did take a while to get used. As I became so intrigued by the story however it stopped being something that I noticed. Early on I was a bit unsure if I would like this book but it certainly piqued my interest towards the middle. Then I found that I was really starting enjoying it, until, it stopped. It just stopped.

I honestly thought my copy of this book must be missing the ending but no apparently this is the ending. We don’t know what happens to Silva. We don’t know if it was all in her head or of she was being brainwashed or poisoned or anything. Like Jon Snow, we know nothing.

Clearly this isn’t my cup of tea. It may be yours though. Overall I found it such a shame because I was ready to be wowed.


Overall Rating:  2/5 teacups

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Booktopia
📗 Book Depository


Happy reading x

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