Three Gold Coins


NOTE- I was sent a review copy of Three Gold Coins from the brilliant people at Allen & Unwin in exchange for my honest review. If you wish to see my review policy you can find it here.


One coin for love, one for marriage, one to return to Rome.

Two days ago, Lara Foxleigh tossed three gold euros into the Trevi Fountain. Now, she is caring for a cranky old man and living in a picturesque villa, …half a world away from her home and the concerns of her loving family.

Soon, it seems as if those wishes she made in Rome just might be coming true, and she may even be able to help heal a fifteen-year-old tragedy.

Until Lara’s past threatens to destroy everything she loves…


My Review

Josephine Moon is one of my favourite Australian authors. Her books simply deliver every time. Three Gold Coins, has a somewhat painful story at its centre but it is filled with such hope despite the tough topics it tackles.

This book has mental illness, suicide, abuse (physical and verbal) and rape. Like I said at its centre it does have some tough issues some readers may find these topics too confronting so I felt it important to preface that before I continue my review. Despite the heavy topics this isn’t a heavy book. It has love at its heart.

Lara is a very complicated protagonist. Her life has been a very hard one but despite this she is generous and kind. She has a great support network in her family and together they are the  shining light in this story. Her love interest Matteo is a passionate Italian man and simply perfect, goats and all! Yep, goats!

There is no way to read this book and not want to eat, especially cheese. Sooooo much cheese in this book. I want it all in my mouth now. Can you send me some? But in all seriousness, this is a warm story of hope, love and family.


Overall Rating:   4/5 teacups

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Booktopia
📗 Book Depository


Happy reading x

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