Looking Beyond New Releases

I think as readers we sometimes get caught up in all the latest release books and therefore we miss out on some beautiful written books just because they are older. I know I am very guilty of doing this myself, but because I am aware of it I can change my habits.Β 

For example my favourite books of all time are Diana Gabaldons Outlander series. I discovered these books about four years ago. Now, if I hadn’t been looking beyond the latest releases I never would have picked Outlander up. See the thing is, Diana Gabaldon wrote Outlander in 1991. Now back in 1991 I was six years old and as a six year old was I interested in historical fiction? No. Did I know what historical fiction was? No. Did I read novels? No. Did I play with Barbies and an awesome train set? Yes. My six year old self had aspirations of being The Little Mermaid, falling in love with Prince Eric and having awesome animals friend that could talk. I was certainly not going to pick up a 640 page book about some lady who travels through stones in Scotland and falls for a Highlander. No, I wanted live under the sea.

My adult arse self on the other hand loves Outlander. Give me a Scottish Highlander any day over a prince that falls in love with girl after interacting with her for a few minutes and most of which he was unconscious. Yes I am sure they lived happily ever after…

I digress. My point is that as we grow older and change, our reading preferences change also. Even if they don’t change and you still like to read young adult (like me) then you still may have missed some amazing books simply because they were released before your time (like John Marsden Tomorrow Series which I still think is one of the best Young Adult series written. Seriously look it up.).

My advice is cast your reading net wide. New releases are brilliant and exciting, but finding an old book that you love or an author you love with an amazing back catalogue is like finding lost treasure (and I am talking decent treasure not Ariel’s whozits and whatzits).

Happy reading x

14 thoughts on “Looking Beyond New Releases

  1. bookishluna says:

    Very well written, in the last year or so I have been trying to read some older books as well. It is interesting because you can relate it to when you are reading it, but you can also see the decade/century it was written in coming through.

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  2. Satou Johns says:

    That is so true! Sometimes we are drag by the mainstream wave of new authors and books. I’m not saying it is bad but you are right there are a lot of other books that didn’t have the change to be published when books where on fashion hehe great commentary!!

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  3. Shatarupa Dhar says:

    Tell me about it! But I wish I could imbibe your habit of reading new ones, coz I tend to miss out on them more … And if I talk about preferences, I am hooked to M&B nowadays, even if half the stories are same. 😁

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