The Harper Effect


NOTE- I requested a copy of The Harper Effect from the good people at Pan Macmillan Australia in exchange for my honest review. If you wish to see my review policy please click here.


Harper Hunter doesn’t know how it came to this.

Her tennis dreams are collapsing; her coach says she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the world of professional tennis.

Her new doubles partner is moody, mysterious and angry at the world. Why, and what is he hiding?

Harper’s in love with Jacob, her neighbour, but he is her sister Aria’s boyfriend. Or, he was. Harper could never betray Aria with Jacob … could she?

As her heart and dreams pull her in different directions, she has to figure out exactly what she wants. And just how hard she’s willing to fight to get it.


My Review

I loved this book. I even risked car sickness and read this book while on a four hour drive just because I wanted to see how it would end. I pushed through the nausea until the end and I was so happy that I did.

You may think that a book about tennis isn’t your thing but really it is a coming of age story. This book is about growing up and recognising that you are an adult. Often with that it means leaving your childhood behind and sometimes those that were a large part of it. This book got me thinking about the friends I have had over the years and I have always described many as “situational”- work friends, kid friends, uni friends. Maybe they are not situational maybe they are just the perfect friend for a point in your life. As we grow and change our friends change too so possibly we just grow in a different direction.

I love Harper she is flawed but she is also incredibly strong. I was so pleased with how the ending of this book played out for her. It showed her strength as a woman, that she is growing up and making choices for herself. As for Colt… 😍😍😍 COLT. IS. FRICKEN. AMAZING.

The most surprising aspect that I loved about this book was… Tennis! The strategy, the training, the forethought. When they finally reach the Australian Open I seriously got goosebumps when Harper saw the blue courts. I think it is important to note at this point that I don’t play tennis, or sport of any kind because I am severely lacking in coordination. Severely.

I have always loved watching a bit of the Australian Open and now think that I am a bit of a tennis guru. I sit there and try to pinpoint the moment in the match where one of the players decides to lose. I may not be able to pick it just yet but I flicked to a couple of matches and thought straight away “that bloke has given up”. Like I said, tennis guru.

Loved it!

Overall Rating: ☕☕☕ 4/5 teacups

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Pan Macmillan
📗 Booktopia

I was also lucky enough to ask Taryn Bashford a few questions! Click here to see my interview.

Happy reading x

2 thoughts on “The Harper Effect

  1. Taryn Bashford says:

    I’m so happy you enjoyed The Harper Effect – despite being so car sick! I’m thrilled that it’s left you thinking about tennis in a different way, and also your ‘situational’ friends. It’s so true, that as we change and grow up, we change our friends – and love interests 😉 And yes, I kinda fell in love a little with Colt myself. Thank you again, for being a part of my blog tour.

    Liked by 1 person

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