My First Ever eBook Experience

In December I read my first ever ebook and I thought I would tell you my experience. I have a policy that I will only review books in hard format but it was a Net Galley for Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones and I loved Wintersong. As the publisher is in the US they don’t ship ARCs to the merry old land of Oz, so I said yes to an ebook.Β 


What I Liked

The main thing that I liked about reading an ebook was the ability to read in the dark. It was quite nice not having a light on and reading a book. It was a different experience to what I was used to.

Another aspect that was a positive for me was my ability to sneak in reading. My kids are used to me reading the news off a device while they eat their breakfast and I could easily sneak in a chapter without it going noticed. Normally there would be a myriad of questions from my toddler if he saw me with a physical book and he would want to “read” it himself and turn the pages, so sneaking reading was great.

What I Didn’t Like

Despite adjusting the screen it still hurt my eyes. I have always struggled with reading on screens and the ebook was no exception. I couldn’t read it for too long before it strained my eyes. I don’t have this issue with a physical book, so that sucked a bit.

I also missed not having a physical book to hold. When reading I like to flick through and see how many pages are in a chapter so I can decide if I will hop up after a chapter is finished or just a page.Β This wasn’t the easiest to do with an ebook. I also like to flick through the coming pages to see if a character I am interested in is going to reappear soon. Again, I know technically you can do these things with an ebook, but it is much simpler with a physical copy.

I definitely prefer to hold a physical book as well, feeling the pages and the cover (especially of it is pretty and embossed 😍). Oddly enough I also love looking a physical books on my shelves and it’s not the same in an ereader.

Overall, I think that if the book wasn’t so compelling I would have given up and just purchased a hard copy when it is released. Will I read one again? Only if I can’t access a hard copy. Sorry trees.

Do you read ebooks? What do you like/dislike about it??Β 

As always happy reading (no matter what format you use to do it) x

17 thoughts on “My First Ever eBook Experience

  1. Michelle says:

    I think I actually prefer ebooks. Sorry readers out there gasping in shock! It’s so nice to have at a moment’s notice: Grocery line? Book! Drive thru wait? Book! Plus, I’m a minimalist with my personal space, so bookshelves, etc strew me out. I have to say though, admitting I prefer ebooks as a hardcore reader feels like admitting I like *NSYNC while getting my Cello Performance and Music Theory degrees… like it’s shameful and should be kept secret. Great post!

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  2. Alicia says:

    Both, but ebooks are more convenient sometimes. I also struggled with eye strain (specially bad when reading in dim conditions) but changing to black background and white letters fixed my problems. I love the idea of adding highlights or comments without the guilt like with a physical copy. There are more pros and cons, but those are my main pros 😁

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  3. –A Court of Books– says:

    I almost exclusively read ebook as the only two time I can read is when I’m in a public transportation (and I would hate to ruin my books in my handbag) or when my husband goes to sleep (he wakes up at 4am to go to work so he goes to be pretty early) and in that case I have to read in the dark πŸ™‚
    Also English is not my mother tong and kobo/kindle have the easiest way to look for a translation: you just click on the word ^^

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  4. Rosepoint Publishing says:

    I only read ebooks. first, because when my hubby and i left to live in an RV, there was simply no room for other than the most serious–maps, etc. i had a large library and some of the books were more than 50 years old–and i’m talking text books. those ideas changed a LONG time ago. my eyes are bad, i have to increase the size of the font, i take the cell phone anywhere and read on the fly, as well as when hubby is sleeping. it is SOOO easy to get ebooks, audio books, i don’t have to leave the house. i understand the beauty of a “real” book, i just can’t do them anymore.

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  5. bookishluna says:

    I tend to read ebooks from my library, they are available faster than their physical counterparts. I tend to put mine into flipped colors (inverted, its under accessibility) so the screen is black and the writing is white. It helps my eyes a lot. I do find I read slower when I read digitally though.

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