My Bookish Year In Review

So New Years means it is time to wrap up 2017. This was my first year blogging / bookstagramming and to be perfectly honest I had no idea what I was doing when I started (especially on Instagram). But as the year went on I found my feet.

When I started I thought “wouldn’t it be great if one day publishers sent me books to review”. I couldn’t have anticipated that in a year I would be getting sent books to review from all the major publishers in Australia and abroad. Now it is rare that a week goes by when I don’t get at least one book in the mail. I am so grateful for their support and it means that I can create better content for all of my followers with the latest releases on offer (without breaking my bank account) . The first publisher to approach me was Harper Collins in the US. I saw an email from them at about 6am and I woke my husband because I was so excited. No more 6am wake ups over books but still the same level of excitement over book mail 🀩🀩🀩

Over on Instagram I had no idea at all what I was doing. I have never had a social media account at all so Instagram was very new to me. I made many mistakes in the first few months. I had no idea that you could tag people in posts and I thought when one particular bookstagrammer said she liked tags she meant in giveaway… So I tagged her in a giveaway… And I got a firm dressing down… Followed by a post from said account that went further on about how I tagged her in a giveaway. That’s probably my most negative experience to date needless to say I don’t follow that account any more. For me there are nice ways of doing things and if I am tagged in something that I am not interested in I just ignore it. I have firmly found my feet now on Instagram knowing exactly how I want my feed to look and loving the interaction with my now over 4000 followers (@readthewriteact FYI).

I have learnt that building up my followers on Instagram has been so important in gaining publishers interest and it is wonderful when I post a picture and people like the book so much they want to know where to get a copy. That is probably one of the most rewarding things. I am such a visual person and Instagram has been a great way to discover new books and meet some truly wonderful people.


The Books

I have read some terrible and amazing books in 2017. Here is a wrap up:

🌟 Most Disappointing- The Chaos of Stars
🌟 Most Disturbing- Slade House or Sour Heart
🌟 Best Debut- The Harper Effect
Best Cover Buy- A Song For Ella Grey
🌟 Newly Discovered Favourite Genre- Australian Rural Fiction
🌟 Newly Discovered Amazing Author- Colleen Hoover and Kate Forsyth
🌟 Best Young Adult Read- The Start of Me and You
🌟 Best Dystopian Read- A Court of Thorns and Roses (Series)
🌟 Overall Best Read of 2017- Wintersong (Series)


My Goals for 2018

I am determined that 2018 will be another good year and believe that if I go into it with that mentality then it will be sure to be brilliant.

On my blog I would like to keep on building my following and doing more author interviews because these are something that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. My reviews will keep on coming but I hope to find the time to make more content for my Bookish Brainwaves page which has been neglected.

Over on Instagram my goal is 6000 followers by the end of the year. I hope that building my presence on that platform will allow me have the opportunity to be involved in bookstagram tours set up by publishers.

I would love to keep acquiring some more antique books for my collection and there are so many new releases that I am excited for (Still Me, A Court of Frost and Starlight, War Storm to name a few).Β  I have a couple other surprises in store for the year to come but they are still a work in progress at this stage, so not telling!

Lastly a very happy 2018 and thank you so much for your support throughout the past year and into the year to come. Without you all none of this would be possible. πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

As always happy reading x

2 thoughts on “My Bookish Year In Review

  1. Rosepoint Publishing says:

    Excellent year there! But must ask–6k followers on Instagram? Bookstagram tour? That’s a new one for me, tho I’m just getting started. I’ll have to check out your instagram and follow. Best wishes for your 2018!


    • readthewriteact says:

      Yes it is just a goal. Sometimes publishers select certain Instagram accounts to feature new releases books as sort of a slow reveal. I love them and it would be brilliant to take part. As for the 6000 followers that might be a long reaching goal but it’s a goal none the less 😊


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