The Start of Me and You


NOTE- I received my copy of The Start of Me and You from the lovely people at Bloomsbury Publishing. If you wish to see my review policy please click here.


Can you plan happiness?

It’s been a year since Paige’s first boyfriend died in a swimming accident and it’s time she rejoined the real world.

So she makes a plan:
1. Date a boy (long-standing crush Ryan Chase seems like the perfect choice)
2. Attend parties (with best friends by your side: doable)
3. Join a club (simple enough, right?)
4. Travel (might as well dream big)
5. Swim (terrifying. Impossible)

But when she meets Ryan’s sweet but so nerdy cousin, Max, he opens up her world and Paige’s plans start to change.

Is it too late for a second chance at life?


My Review

Fans of Jenny Hans To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before will adore this book (I did anyway). The Start of Me and You gives you the same feeling of happiness and possibility. Paige is such a beautiful character with a kind heart and she deserves joy.

At first I thought about the storyline with my 33 year old brain- he is your first boyfriend who dated for three months… It wouldn’t be that shattering if he died, would it? Ah, but 33 year old head is not my teenage self. I know exactly how my teenage self would have felt under those circumstances. If it was my first boyfriend then I would have been devastated and confused about the future because it would have been filled with so many “what ifs” (even if the chances we would have broken up a month later anyway). It would have been terribly hard to move on from (especially in a small town). So, I get Paige.

Paige has the most wonderful group of friends ever. They are loving, supportive, caring. Pretty much the perfect bunch of girls. And the boys. Well Ryan isn’t what I expected him to be when I read the synopsis and I am so pleased about that. He has a heart of gold. And, Max! Max is the coolest nerd on the planet and I am a nerd so I can say that. He is just fricken brilliant!

I honestly don’t know if I can express in words how much I loved this book but I beg of you Emery Lord, please write a sequel!!! And if you haven’t already, grab a copy of this fun book and enjoy 😀.

Overall Rating:   cupcupcupcupcup 5/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Book Depository
📗 Booktopia

Happy reading x

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