The Good the Bad and the Dumped



Now, you would obviously never, ever look up your exes on Facebook. Nooo. And even if you did, you most certainly wouldn’t run off trying to track them down, risking your job, family and happiness in the process. Posy Fairweather, on the other hand . . .

Posy is delighted when Matt proposes – on top of a mountain, in a gale, in full-on romantic mode. But a few days later disaster strikes: he backs out of the engagement. Crushed and humiliated, Posy starts thinking. Why has her love life always ended in total disaster? Determined to discover how she got to this point, Posy resolves to get online and track down her exes. Can she learn from past mistakes? And what if she has let Mr Right slip through her fingers on the way?


My Review

This book has an interesting premise around social media and how easy “face stalking” can be! Posy seems to forget the old adage about curiosity and the cat… But, she is a very flawed character. She has a very dysfunctional family with a polarising mother, a loose cannon for a sister and an estranged father. No wonder she questions her relationship with the reliable nice guy Matt when her proposes, especially because her last relationship ended so badly.

When it was finally revealed who her last boyfriend was and how broke her heart (and the relationship that they had), I was quite disappointed. For me her relationship with him seemed extremely juvenile and seemed more like an obsession with the ideal rather than with the man himself. I found her feeling and their relationship at odds. Considering this was a big reveal in the book it was a let down.

As usual though Jenny comes through with a happy ending that leaves you satisfied. I just think it falls short of some of her other books like Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe, Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams and Little Beach Street Bakery. A solid but not life altering read.

Overall Rating:   cupcupcup 3/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Book Depository
📗 Booktopia

Happy reading x

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