Deborah Rodriguez

I had the privilege of asking best selling author Deborah Rodriguez a few questions in the lead up to the release of her latest novel The Zanzibar Wife. Many thanks to her for taking the time to answer my questions, especially considering how busy she is (take a look at question six).
The Zanzibar Wife has just been released and there is a link to my review at the end of interview (but let’s just say I am a fan).

The Interview:

1. Would you be able to tell my readers in five words what they can expect from your latest release The Zanzibar Wife?

DR- Magic, love, friendship, adventure, surprise.

2. Your ‎books breakdown cultural misconceptions/preconceptions from East to Western societies, and this is clearly something that you are passionate about. Would you be able to explain to my readers why you feel this is such an important topic to be explored?

DR- I get frustrated when cultures, religions, or even countries get wedged into one package. All blondes are dumb, and all redheads are hot tempered.  I’m an American, I’m not the politics of my country, I am not what you see on TV.  I am not obsessed with guns, I’m not a racist. I am kind of loud and pretty straightforward, but I am also well travelled and culturally sensitive. No one wants to be boxed into a preconceived idea, so I make a strong point to make sure I show many points of view in my books so that people can see a different side of things. I hope that I can break down the barriers that come from stereotyping, and help people be more accepting of each others differences. Different is good.

3. Now that you live in Mexico, can we expect to see a book from you in the future where this is the setting?

DR- The House on Carnaval Street was a memoir set in Mazatlán, the town in which I live.

I find the Latin culture (Central and South America) very exotic, tribal, and full of so many mysteries.  I would love to set another book in a Latin country, and revisit Mexico again in a novel.

DeborahRodriguez (1)

4. Going back to when you first started writing, did you ever dream of the success you have found as a best-selling author?

DR- In one word, NO.  My kids always joked with me, saying I was a one hit wonder. My English teachers are still amazed. I am the worst speller in the world, and terrible with punctuation.  Thank God for spell check, and for amazing people who can edit my run on sentences.

5. Can you give any aspiring authors out their advice on how to deal with knock backs and criticism about their work?

DR- It’s never easy to have your work criticized, because it’s your baby. I would advise to not  read reviews, but you know that’s impossible.  In this business you have to grow a thick skin and think of your work as art.  Everyone has different taste in art, so you can’t take it too personally.  Honestly, easier said than done.  You always have to keep writing, because that is what you do. It is your art and you are creating your masterpiece. Just keep creating.

6. Finally, I think we would all love to know, being a business owner and practising hairdresser/beautician, when do you possibly find the time to write?!?

DR- You forgot a few things.  Full time grandmother, painter, and now I just got certified as a hypnotherapist.  Lets just say I don’t sleep

Where to buy a copy:

📗 Penguin
📗 Book Depository
📗 Booktopia

Head over here for my review and as always, happy reading x

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