Sense & Sensibility



When sisters Elinor and Marianne lose their father and their beloved home, Norland Park, all in a matter of weeks, the shock impacts them in very different ways. As young architect student Elinor holds the family together, Marianne resists the change they must endure with all of her might.

Thrust into a tiny cottage in Devon, the two sisters are soon united by one thing, dilemmas of the heart. But where Marianne proclaims her love, Elinor holds her tongue. And in a world that turns on an axis of money, sex and power, what will prevail: following one’s head or one’s heart?



My Review

Being a retelling of a classic (albeit one I haven’t read), I was unsure of what to expect. Would it read like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet did on screen? Or maybe like Clueless was for Emma, being more of a parody? Or maybe not like these at all and just some strange mash between a historical concept in a modern setting. Alas it was the later.

This book wasn’t bad per se. The author painted the characters quite well, but it begs to question if this was more of Austen’s doing than her own. As for the plot it was aparent that this tale simply does not translate into a modern context easily, or possibly at all.

At times the only things reminding me that it was set in the modern day were inclusions of technology. Mobile phones, the internet, cars seemed to be slotted into Austen’s world in a clumsy haphazard way to try to tether the story to the 21st century. Even the characters language seemed more old world English, adding to the confusion. The whole book simply didn’t sit right with me.

I guess there is a reason why classics are classics, and possibly they should be left as such.

Overall Rating: cupcup  2/5 teacups 


Where to buy a copy

If you want to give it a go head to Book Depository and grab a copy now.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local? Try Booktopia.

Happy reading x

5 thoughts on “Sense & Sensibility

  1. Sahi says:

    I had the exact same feeling. S&S is my favorite Austen novel, so I was very interested to see how it would work in the modern world , but I guess it just can’t.


  2. ofmariaantonia says:

    “Clueless” was a beautiful, witty, and amazing modernization of Jane Austen’s “Emma”. I think it worked partly due to the high school setting. “Bride and Prejudice” (a modern retelling of “Pride and Prejudice” set in India/UK/America) worked well because of the practice of arranged marriage is part of Indian society today. It’s possible to do a modern retelling. You just have the find the right way to do it. Although, I have no idea HOW to successfully turn “Sense and Sensibility” into a modern tale.

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