The Mummy Bloggers



Meet three women who are living their lives online, each one of them followed, idolised, imitated, taunted and trolled.

ELLE CAMPBELL is a glossary, lycra-clad mum with washboard abs, a ten-year plan and a complicated past. ABI BLACK has quit sugar, moved to the country and is homeschooling her moody teens. LEISEL ADAMS slogs away at her office job each day before rushing hone, steeped in guilt, to spend precious moments with her three babies before bedtime. They all share a label that they simultaneously relish and loathe- mummy blogger. And the connections don’t stop there…

When all three women are nominated for a prestigious blogging award with a hefty cash prize, the scene is set for a brutal and often hilarious battle for hearts, minds- and clicks. As the awards night gets closer, their lies get bigger, their stunts get crazier- and some mistakes from the past become harder and harder to hide.



My Review

I have to keep reminding myself that Elle’s character is fictional because I dead set feel she needs a good old throat punch. If you are reading this book and relate to Elle (let’s be honest you probably aren’t, you would pose with the books and filter the shit out of it but reading it, nah) then put the book down and seek help immediately because you are pretty much fucked. Elle stands for all that is conceited and fake about social media, and Wainwright writes her perfectly. I can’t remember the last time I was so pissed off by a fictional character.

Abi is fantastic. Her views are a bit left of centre for me (most of them anyway) but she is a blast. They way she talks is fricken hilarious! I feel like her character was the glue that tied the whole book together. #eatthedamnpie all the way!

I see some of my friends in Leisels character (especially the ones with the stay at home husbands). They feel pretty guilty about a lot of things, but they are good parents even if they can’t see it themselves. Leisels character may not have been the most interesting of the three but for me she was probably the most likeable, hence why I am friends with a few Leisels in the world.

The plot got batshit crazy with one blogger in particular and at times I was thinking “no one would seriously do that just to get likes”. Then I remembered Belle Gibson who created a whole empire around her fake cancer and recovery. Some people are full crazy with the lengths they would go to. Overall the plot is immensely interesting and has a really good pace.

A frankly brilliant read that’s fun, witty, and beautifully expletive ridden. Blogger and/or mums will devour it and it is a good reminder that not everything we see on the internet is real. For example, I am really a 64 year old man that lives alone with 11 cats in highland country. Just kidding… or am I? 😂

Overall Rating: cupcupcup cup 4/5 teacups  

Where to buy a copy

If you want to check it out head to Book Depository and grab one now.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local? Try Booktopia.

Happy reading x

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