Wild Oats



Jamie has returned to her home at Bucklebury Farm in Upper Faviell after months travelling the world since her mother passed away. But she is about to find that things have changed a lot in the time she has been away.

Her best friends marriage is on the rocks, her father is acting like a teenager and is about to sell their home. Unbeknownst to her father the man he is planning to sell to is the same man that broke her heart 12 years ago.

Jamie homecoming is far from simple if she wants to keep a home to return to.




My Review

This is my first ever read by Veronica Henry and I am sad to say that it will be my last. This book just didn’t sit well with me. I was expecting like a Jenny Colgan or  Cathy Kelly type vibe. I was wrong. It was like Henry took the chick lit genre and mixed it with disturbing (think The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling but bad).

Firstly every character has questionable morals. I mean every character. The married people are cheating (or possibly cheating getting so drunk they can’t remember). People are stealing, lying, being corrupt. There are a lot of characters in this book too (I just did a rough count and got 15), and not one of them you go “they seem like a nice all round human”. As if that wasn’t enough for Henry she had to add in eating disorders and alcoholism, which felt so cliche, unrealistic and unnecessary.

It took me over half of the book to actually find the storyline interesting. Consider that the book is 561 pages long, so that was at least 280 pages with no reward.

Then towards the end came the doozy, that whilst was a publishing error, massively detracted from the story. There were 50 pages missing. Yes 50 pages! Pages 473 – 520 were gone. Instead pages 425 – 472 were printed twice. I kid you not (it was an old copy but still come on). What happened in those 50 pages??? No freakin idea. In the end though it didn’t matter because all the storylines were tied up in an all too perfect little bow in the last 30 pages and I guess we are to believe that everyone lives happily ever after… Hmm.

Overall Rating: cupcup 2/5 teacups  

Where to buy a copy

If you want to take a chance and see if they fixed the printing error then head to Book Depository and grab one now.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local? Try Booktopia.

Happy reading x

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