The Stag and Hen Weekend



Helen is happy in love with her fiancé Phil. But a week out from her wedding she is till yet to buy a wedding dress. Cold feet or not she embarks on a Hens weekend at a luxury spa. Set for a relaxing time Helen gets more than she has bargained for when she runs into her ex fiancé, who has a secret he is dying to tell her.

Phil is over the moon that Helen has finally agreed to marry him. The only thing he has to get out of the way before the wedding is his Stag weekend in Amsterdam. With his mates pushing 40 Phil knows he is set for a weekend of heavy drinking and women. But one evening Phil strikes up a conversation with a beautiful women and what they have in common has the ability to change everything.




My Review

I picked up my copy of this book from my local post office for $3. I wasn’t expecting literary brilliance, but based on how it has been marketed I was expecting funny. I think the best way to describe this book would be with a movie analogy. I went into it thinking it would be like Bridesmaids and The Hangover, but it was closer to Bachelorette and A Few Best Men. The humour wasn’t there for most part and the attempted humour was too forced and a bit wrong.

The Hens- I feel that Gayle struggled with this story the most. The conversations between the female characters were text book cliche, as were all the interests of the female characters. Spoiler alert Gayle if you are on a Hens and the Hen kisses another bloke there won’t be a “com by ya” love circle of support from all present. The Hen will be judged. Possibly to her face and most definitely behind her back. Their weekend was frankly, apart from that, boring. 💤

The Stag- Considering they were in Amsterdam I was hoping for a bit more than paint ball and drinking at pubs. I read this story second and hoped that it would bring up the comedy stakes. But alas it wasn’t to be. Gayle did do a better job of the characters in the Stag story compared to the Hens, but then he added in a weird love story aspect and he lost me again. Oh well.

Overall not the best book (or two novellas which would be more accurate). The endings are left open to your imagination, which I personally don’t like. But, it was resoundingly clear to me that even if they do meet at the airport there is no way in hell those two should be getting married. NO WAY IN HELL.

Overall Rating: cupcup 2/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy

Can’t wait to get your copy? Head to Book Depository and grab one now.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local try Booktopia. The hardback copy is 65% off!

Happy reading x

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