Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend



Sophie Chesterton is a girl living the high life – she goes to all the right parties, has all the right clothes, knows all the right people. Her father is concerned about who she is becoming with her trust fund lifestyle and desperately wants her to find her own way in the world. One shocking night and Sophie is left with no choice but to change her ways.

Struggling to make ends meet as a ‘glamour’ photographer’s assistant, living with four questionable boys in a dive on Old Kent Road, Sophie is more than desperate to get her life back. But, are diamonds really a girls best friend?




My Review

This is such a fun book. There were moment in it (especially with the boys on Old Kent Road) that I was in hysterics. So much so that my husband was looking at me quite concerned that I had lost my mind. Jenny Colgan always seems to find the key to balancing the storyline with humour.

Sophie starts off as such a spoilt brat. So, so, so spoilt and her friends ahhhhh! They are not friends, they are shallow frenemies. The boys are her saving grace. I wasn’t sure if she was going to end up with Eck or Cal but I was so very happy with her choice. The lesser characters in this book add so much to it aswell, from the glamour models (the twins are brilliant) to the loyal family lawyer. They make the story so much more rich.

I read this book after a reading slump and it was exactly what I needed to pull me out of it. A brilliant happy read that will make you laugh (really loudly at times).

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcup 4/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy

Can’t wait to get your copy? Head to Book Depository and grab one now.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local try Booktopia. They have fast delivery and some great sales.

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