The Scarecrow Queen


This is the final book in The Sin Eaters Daughter trilogy. If you have not read the previous two books then please be aware this review will contain spoilers for those books.


Errin is now the Sleeping Prince’s prisoner and Twylla is on the run. Time is running out and the rebels will stop at nothing to prevent the Sleeping Prince destroying everything.

Dawn will rise but will the Sleeping Prince still claim the throne?


My Review

I am starting feel that if you have read one series you have read them all. I am not going to lie but there were parts in this book when I was thinking “I wonder what Mare or Cal will do?” Oh wait no that’s the Red Queen.

I failed to be overly invested in any of the characters in this series. In the end Twylla pretty much annoyed the crap out of me. To me she came across as immature and selfish. It was good to see some redeeming quality’s come out about Lief when it was all done and dusted. Maybe it was just me but I really would have liked him to end up with Twylla. The other characters were too ho-hum to bother mentioning.

The book had a predictable ending where all’s well that ends well. I wasn’t surprise by this and I would have been disappointed if the Sleeping Prince kicked everyone’s arse, but still I kind of wanted a bit less predictability. Don’t get me wrong it is still a good, solid series but for me I wasn’t exactly “wow”.

Overall Rating: cupcupcup 3/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy

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