A Court of Wings and Ruin



Feyre has returned to the Spring Court with Tamlin. Little does he know that she is actually High Lady of the Night Court and is playing him to seek her vengeance. Feyre must find out the invading kings plans to save all of Prythian, and find alliances in the most unlikely of places.




This final instalment of the ACOTAR franchise really highlighted for me how much I love all the characters on this series. I am sure Maas was banking on that given she is going to be realising four books set in their world but not about Feyre.

The Valerians are the coolest bunch of Fae getting around. I seriously love Mor. She is bad arse but a deadly true friend. Azriel, the shadow singer has such a big heart and I hope that he will find happiness. Amren is so intriguing and given the ending would be brilliant to see what happens to her. But, out of all the Dark Court squad it is Cassian I would love to read more about. Specifically, what happens between him and Nessa. During this book I found I was probably more interested in their potential love story, than Feyre and Rhy.

It was great to see more of Lucien in this book. I have always like him and missed him in ACOMAF. I want to know what happens with him and Elain! I was a bit concerned with the treatment of Tamlin’s character in ACOMAF but I feel that was resolved quite well in ACOWAR.

Feyre and Rhysland go from strength to strength in this instalment and they truly are an unstoppable team. I am happy with how their story has ended, but feel a bit let down by how the overall story has ended, or not ended.

As I stated above Maas is realising more books and despite this I would have liked a more concrete ending for this series. Everything was left open-ended and yes, in real life that’s how things are, but in real life people don’t have wings either. I just wanted more of a conclusion around the Fae and Human existence. The introduction of new characters in the back end of this book has also left me with an increasing number of unanswered questions. I guess I feel that there is more of this story to be told and if I finish a series I want finality, regardless if the intention is to continue to write about people in Prythian.

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcup 4/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

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