Don’t Judge What I Read

I cannot stand people who judge the type of books I read and, I am sure I am not alone in this sentiment. In my life my father in-law is the worst person for this. Let me start by saying we have an awesome relationship. He is a brilliant person, but when it come to what I read he is a Judgy McJudge-alot.

Every single time the come to stay and vice-versa I settle down at night with my book and it starts. The first time I didn’t know what to expect from the innocent question “What’s your book about?”. So I explained… And then l tried to justify… And then I was frankly a bit hurt… And then I was pissed.

I mainly read fiction and this is his issue. He doesn’t understand why I want to read about make believe things. He thinks that by doing so means that I am not happy with my life and am looking for something in the books that I am missing. His opinion on this is not exclusive for me it is for all people who read fiction… Including his mother.

He reads the occasional non-fiction book and buys at least 5 newspapers a day because he loves reading about current affairs so much. That’s not my style but whatever, if you like the news read about it till the cows come home. Moo.

This time when they (Judgy and his wife) came to stay I was prepared when he asked me the “What’s your book about?” question. I told him that I wouldn’t tell him because I knew he was just going to judge me. He looked a bit taken aback by that and proceeded to assure me he was simply curious and wouldn’t judge. Clearly I am an idiot. So, I started explaining my book (The Scarecrow Queen fyi) and I think I was explaining how the Sleeping Prince creates creatures out of clay when it started. “I don’t know why you would want to read made up stuff like that?” Well this time a had snapped. So I told him… “This is why I didn’t want to tell you to begin with because you judge me and you always judge me because you don’t like fiction books. So I don’t want to talk to you about it.” Let’s say my tone was “direct”… bordering on forceful, lingering towards rude.

But it worked. He knew that he offended me, because that’s what he did. Offend me. I find it very offensive to have to justify myself to others in my own home reading a book that I purchased with my own money. I am not a needy person. I don’t want for things that I can’t have and am so far at the other spectrum of materialistic that it’s not funny. Books are my only indulgence and if you want to have a crack at me because my selection isn’t up to your standard then I will snap and I will not care. So, back the feck up or face the consequences (which may or may not include clay creatures that can rip your head off). Breathe…

I must say it feel refreshing to get that off my chest. Feel free to do the same! Share your experience with your Judgy McJudge-alot. πŸ˜’

And always happy reading x (whatever you are reading about)

3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge What I Read

  1. Kiersten says:

    There are certain people that I avoid talking about books with for that same reason. My mother (who doesn’t even read) asked recently if I was still reading “all those kids books” in a very judgy way. Ugh.

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