Liesl grew up with the tales of the Goblin King. They inspired her one true outlet, her music. As an eighteen year old and now grown, her dream and childhood fantasy’s are slipping away.

But when the Goblin King captures her sister, Liesl faces the greatest challenge of all- to enter the Underground and save her sister. There she finds the mysterious Goblin King and battles time and the old laws to try to save her before it is too late.



Wintersong is a beautifully constructed masterpiece with all of the ebbs and flows that one would expect from a classical composer. Only here the music is transformed into a novel. Liesls internal struggles, her relationship with her family, her relationship with the Goblin King, the magic, the sorrow all create something well-rounded and frankly wonderful.

The writing is rich with detail and I loved it. I became so accustomed to it that in sections which were more sparse I was craving the detail. I am a fan of classical music and truly enjoyed the composition sections. This style won’t be for everyone, but it was for me.

Liesl is a wonderful main character. She has flaws a plenty, yet is undeniably talented. Watching her mature through the book was one of my highlights. She transforms from a person living in the shadows to truly finding herself.

The Goblin King is a reluctant ruler and I honestly felt sorry for him. Bound to rule, not by choice, and binding women to the same fate. I was so relieved to know JJ is writing a sequel because I want to know how his story ends. I want to know his name.

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcupcup5/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

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