Class & Rules


It is important to note the I am reviewing both books in this series in the one review as it seems pointless to separate them. Furthermore, Jenny Colgan released these books under the author name of Jane Beaton but has since re-released them under her own name. She had in mind to write six books in the series but has only released two thus far.


Welcome to the Little School by the Sea. Downey House resides in sunny Cornwell and a new school year is about to start.

Maggie is the newest teacher and is determined to prove herself worthy of Downy House. Will her career focus put a strain on her relationship with long-time boyfriend Stan?

Simone is a scholarship student and wishes to make her parents proud. She is relieved to get away from her class bullies from her old school but sharing a room with the glossy girls at Downey House makes her question if she will ever find a friend.

Fliss wants out. She resents her parents for sending her away to Downey House and will try any means to have it rectified.



Jenny Colgan states in the pre-introduction that she started writing the books because she wanted to read a boarding school book and couldn’t find anything new. I for one, am very happy that she couldn’t find one to read because these books are exactly what you would expect them to be. I love boarding school movies and these books capture that essence of fun, first loves and the need to fit in.

They also cover the side of the teachers, as the main character Maggie is the schools new teacher. Jenny does a wonderful job highlight adult struggles with jaded pasts and making decisions about relationships, the future in general. Quite simply how being an “adult” doesn’t mean you have it altogether.

The way that she brings these two points of view together is what really sets these books apart. I was never dreading reading from any of the characters POV. They were all interesting in their own right and perfectly intertwined.

These books aren’t your typical Jenny Colgan read. I understand why she released them under another name. There is a hint of love, but pranks and plenty of drama for the students (and the teachers). This leads me to believe that these books would be enjoyed by a wider audience than her usual style. My suggestion, give them a go and fingers crossed she finishes the series!

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcupcup 5/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

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