Re-reading ???

I grew up in a house without a bookshelf. No, we didn’t keep books in a pile on the floor or in a cupboard; and there were no trips to the library outside of what was compulsory at school. We simply did not have books. My parents are non-readers. My siblings are non-readers. I married a non-reader. So when my husband asks me why I am reading a book I have already read, I am quite prepared with a response because explaining reading for pleasure is a favourite past time of mine.Β 

This is how I explained it to my husband: “How many times have we watched Friends or Seinfeld despite having already seen every episode? Or how many times have you watched Training Day or Forrest Gump?”


But the thing I have discovered is that not every reader is a re-reader. A few of my close friends don’t re-read at all. I guess we are all a little bit different with that.

I myself was today gathering some books from the bottom shelf of my bookcase to take a pic for instagram (@readthewriteact fyi) when I saw my Sookie Stackhouse books. I instantly thought how much I wanted to re-read them (again) despite my TBR list being about as long as my arm. The spines are practically destroyed but I don’t care these books never fail to put me in a happy place.

I am a re-reader. If you understand how reading a dog-eared, tea stained book can be pure joy then you must be a re-reader too. Let me know if you are and how you explain it to non-readers. What is your favourite re-read? Or maybe you grew up in house of non-readers too? Share your thoughts and inspirations below.

And as always happy reading xΒ 

14 thoughts on “Re-reading ???

  1. Julia says:

    This is a great discussion! I don’t tend to re-read, although I think I would like to. There are definitely a few books I would like to revisit, but I do worry they won’t be the same second time around. I do like your TV show analogy – I tend to re-watch repeats even when there are new episodes available, reruns are just easy and comforting to watch πŸ™‚ I will re-read a book one day!

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  2. Caron Bull says:

    I’m currently rereading The Mortal Instruments, having just finished City of Bones earlier today. I hope to start City of Ashes by this weekend. My review books take precedence though so when I do reread, I always take longer than I did the first time I read it. I’ve read TFIOS about 3 times and I can’t remember if I read The Hobbit twice or thrice. I do remember that my friend and I were debating over who actually died at the end and I just had to reread the ENTIRE book to see who was right (both of us were, we just missed out on a few people). I hope to reread Jane Eyre this coming winter.
    On re-watching TV Shows…I’m current re-watching about 5 series I grew up with. πŸ˜› Great post btw!

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    • readthewriteact says:

      The Mortal Instruments series is one of my fav re-reads! I currently have it on loan atm. I am re-watching Outlander and just finished re-entering Hart of Dixie. My next TV series re-watch will be Dawsons Creek I think πŸ˜‚

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      • Caron Bull says:

        I restarted Drake & Josh a few days ago and I’m also going through Fresh Prince, The Nanny and Kim Possible again. Because I never watched it when I was younger, I started Law & Order: SVU as well. I’m nearly done with Season 2. I’ve never watched Outlander because the book is sitting on my shelves waiting to be read.

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  3. Marianne Curley says:

    I grew up in a house without books too. I was the only reader in my family of three siblings and two parents. I discovered books at my school library when I was eight and never stopped reading. You might like my website page called: YA Books you can read more than once. My favourite re-read when I was younger was “Katherine” by Anya Seton. Today I’m much busier and find it hard to re-read a favourite, as much as I would like to.

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  4. bethlily96 says:

    I tend to re-read my favourite books, or ones that I really loved. At this moment in time I am currently re-reading Poison, Charm and Beauty by Sarah Pinbrough (I read this trilogy in 2015 and loved it. Decided to give them another go), and there are a few others on my shelves that I want to re-read this year (Harry Potter (for the millionth time), All The Bright Places, Silverfin and a few others). There is something so wonderful about slipping back into a world that you have loved for years. It’s like reconnecting with an old friend that you’ve lost touch with. Great post πŸ™‚

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  5. Dacian says:

    Interesting! Never thought about it like that! I think I am one too. I know I was looking for a specific edition of my favourite book (My Name Is Red) for a while until I found the one I had fallen in love with. Nice post!

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  6. readinginthewings says:

    I LOVE SOOKIE!!! I am currently reading the series for the first time, and loving every minute of it. My favorite re-read is Harry Potter. I’ve read the entire series 5 times, and will continue to re-read them forever. They are my soul medicine.


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