Let’s Share our Favourite Authors!

Do you have a favourite author? I would love for you to share yours if you do have one and let us all know why.

My favourite author is Jenny Colgan. I find her books always satisfying. The endings are happy, the books are light and somewhat whimsical. If I am need of a pick me up or I am in reading slump then Jenny Colgan is my go to lady.

Sarah Addison Allen is another brilliant author who I know produces books that always leave me happy. Sarah Addison Allen’s books have a wonderful element of magic intertwined and are the perfect bridging books for lovers of supernatural YA books that have gotten a bit older now. Very hard for me to split the two authors but I will go with Jenny Colgan. Maybe if Sarah Addison Allen had published more I might have gone the other way. They are both brilliant though πŸ˜€


If I asked myself the same question ten years ago the answer would have been Jodi Picoult. I used to read her books all the time. I loved the drama, mystery, tragedy and intrigue that her books bring. As I got older I moved away from her books. My theory in the shift is that I am now more connected to the drama and mystery of everyday events, so I look for the opposite when I am reading. The news is filled with horror stories of missing children, suicides, shootings etc. so I don’t really want to read about them too. Ten years ago I was young and rarely watched the news so I loved the drama of her books, now I want to escape that in the books I read.

I can’t wait to hear who your favourite author/s are! Have yours changed over time too?

Happy reading xΒ 

3 thoughts on “Let’s Share our Favourite Authors!

  1. Marianne Curley says:

    Hi Jodie, it’s so hard to pick a current favourite. I am enjoying reading Jennifer L. Armentrout who has quite a lot of YA fantasy. Here is a link to a page on my website I recently started about some of my old or new favourite authors. I will definitely check out Jenny Colgan, her books sound like a great pick up.

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    • readthewriteact says:

      I Marianne thank you so much for the reply. Your Avena Trilogy is bliss BTW and featured in my Australian author highlight https://readthewriteact.com/2017/02/02/australian-author-highlight/

      I love the sound of Katherine by Anya Seton. I find historical fiction wonderful. Wars of the Roses is one of my favourite series and it covers the time period after Edward III. I find it refreshing that you love Katherine even though it was a book from your teen years. I have the same affinity for John Marsden’s Tomorrow Series. I will have to Armentrout as I love YA Fantasy.


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