Looking for Series Suggestions

I suppose the title says it all really. I am looking for series suggestions!

I love a good book series (TV series too) but I would love some suggestions for your favourite completed series. I recently finished Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard and I thought damn I wish there was a good series that was completed that I haven’t read. It seems like so many books on my shelves are part of an incomplete set and when there is a while between books I forget:

1. Which books I am waiting for the next instalment of AND
2. What the last book was about (resulting in a reread).

So please can I have some suggestions!!! In no particular order here are some completed series that I have liked:

πŸ“š Wars of the Roses
πŸ“š Twilight
πŸ“š The Colours of Madeleine
πŸ“š Vampire Academy
πŸ“š Fallen
πŸ“š Hunger Games
πŸ“š Midnight Texas
πŸ“š Sookie Stackhouse
πŸ“š Earthbound
πŸ“š The Avena Trilogy
πŸ“š The Mortal Instruments
πŸ“š The Infernal Devices
πŸ“š All Souls Trilogy
πŸ“š The Iron Fey
πŸ“š Beautiful Creatures
πŸ“š The Selection
πŸ“š The Chemical Garden Trilogy
πŸ“š Mara Dyer

You may notice one series that is quite possibly the most popular ever which is missing… Harry Potter. I have not read the books but love the movies and feel I may have spoilt the books by watching the movies first.

Please, share some suggestions! I want to start a series that I can really get into. Thanks in advance!!Β 

Happy reading xΒ 

3 thoughts on “Looking for Series Suggestions

  1. allymemes says:

    You should definitely try the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown!! It’s the best series I’ve read in a while and all three books are out πŸ™‚ It’s sci-fi/fantasy ish, but it’s not written in a typical YA style, but it’s also not adult fiction either. It’s just really good! Also the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. It’s sooooo good, although it does have an unnecessary love triangle in the third, but it has the best character development and the best villain and the best “villain or heroine??” which makes up for it. Also if you like fantasy, the Beka Cooper (again, trilogy) by Tamora Pierce is really great, especially if you want a badass female lead!! And also Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. It’s also a trilogy (shocker) and even though I’ve only read the first one, I’ve heard really great things about the rest!! It’s more YA but still super badass and is one of my favourite YA series. I feel like you might like that one the most, based on your other series.
    (tl;dr: Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder; Red Rising by Pierce Brown; Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness; Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce)

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