Finding Audrey



Audrey can’t take off her sunglasses. She can’t leave the sanctuary of her house. She is virtually a prisoner due to her mental health.

Enter Linus, her brothers friend. With his quirky notes and charm, he helps Audrey let the world back in. One trip to Starbucks at a time.



When I picked up this book I must admit I didn’t realise that Audrey was so young. At only 14, I most likely wouldn’t have purchased this book if I had known that prior. I am not ageist, but it is a bit young for me to relate to. Okay, maybe I am ageist.

Audrey has gone through some trauma as a result of bullying, we don’t know what this is, but we so know it has left her with crippling anxiety and depression. Her character is very likeable and the author does well to portray her issue from a younger point of view. Linus seemed a bit too perfect for my liking but I imagine a younger audience wouldn’t have an issue with that.

The format that this book was written in was very clever and suits a younger reader. The documentary parts were very quirky and had some quite humorous moments. As such, it is a quick read.

For me though I just feel as if this book skimmed the surface and I wanted it to dive deeper. I wanted to know what happened to Audrey to make her so depressed. I wanted Linus to be more complex than just a boy. I wanted him to have issues too. I wanted Audrey to have realistic reactions to all of the “new scary” things that Linus had her do. I wanted Audrey’s psychologist and parents to show apprehension about Audrey and Linus’s relationship because it is unhealthy for someone to base there personal mental health recovery around a romantic interest especially at such a young age. I wanted Audrey to have a proper regression. I wanted more than boy meets girl and girl gets fixed.

Overall Rating: cupcupcup3/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

2 thoughts on “Finding Audrey

    • readthewriteact says:

      Yes I had no idea when I purchased it. I assumed she would be older. I personally think that the anxiety issue was dealt with quite poorly in the end. For me her recovery became too simple because of Linus. Just my opinion though.

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