Hardcopy, eBook or Audiobook???

Let’s talk about formats people!

I received a book I ordered from Book Depository today (Kings Cage in case you were curious) and it came with an audiobook trial slip. This got me thinking about how I read books and how this might differ from other people.

I only read hard copies of books. No ebooks. No audiobooks. And, I buy every book I read. No loans for me.

What format do you read in, or do you mix it up? I have fond memories of my great grandmother sitting in her sun room listening to an audiobook. She was blind so really didn’t have any other option. I know other people who just like them for a change. If you listen to audiobooks, where do you do it? In the car? Just not sure how this would fit into my life.

Ebooks have never attracted me because my eyes struggle with too much screen time. No my glasses aren’t props. I actually need them and when I look at a screen for too long I get headaches. I understand the lure of ebooks. Space saving, cost effective and instant purchase/delivery. If I was to read one would a quick book be best to start? Or something I am highly anticipating. I do think that regardless I would have to go out and buy a physical copy for my shelves. I may have an issue with book buying.

What format or formats do you read? Anyone who used to be like me and converted to something else?

Let me know! I guess in the end the format doesn’t really matter but I do wonder if I am missing out on something by being so strict.

Happy reading xΒ 

5 thoughts on “Hardcopy, eBook or Audiobook???

  1. allymemes says:

    I use a Kindle and it’s great! I have the same issue with looking at screens for too long, but the Kindle’s not backlit, so it seems just like reading a book. My brother reads almost everything on his Kindle because he likes having it all there when he travels. It’s also a lot easier because everything that one person buys, another can also download if you’re on the same amazon account, so that’s handy. I also read hard copies too though. It really just depends on where I am lol

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  2. sakshi~the escapist says:

    I read paperbacks mostly. But sometimes I also go for ebooks. Not much difference, really. You enjoy reading, it doesn’t matter what’s the format. But one think about ebooks is that you don’t get to smell the book. To feel the paper between your fingers. To admire your bookshelf. Does it make me a weird person if I do all these?? πŸ˜‚

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