Slade House


Slade House is set in the same world as The Bone Clocks. It can be read as either a novella to the aforementioned or a stand alone. I read it as a stand alone.


Every nine years on the last Saturday in October a guest is lured to Slade House. Simply walk down Slade Alley, find the little iron gate and press your hands on the metal. If you are the selected guest the gate will open to reveal a breathtaking house and garden.

The only catch is, you can never leave.



I found the first chapter of this book incredibly interesting and it scared the hell out of me to be honest. Reading it just before bed might not have been the best idea. As the book progressed however instead of finding it interesting and scary, I found it repetitive and disturbing. Finally, it was just confusing.

I consider myself to be quite a smart person but when the author brings in Apertures, Lacunas and Orisons I was left with what only can be described as a what the feck face. Seriously what the feck? Then he goes more in depth into these and I am starting to question of David Mitchell actually thinks these places exist or if he just has a very vivid imagination.

The characters were ok. The twins are psychopaths and everyone else was a little sad and a bit messed up. The whole thing was pretty messed up.

I am sure some people would love this book, it just wasn’t for me. In particular I hated the ending. I mean hated. It was just horrible.

I have heard some great things about David Mitchell so I might pick up Cloud Atlas and give him another chance. Probably won’t be for a while though.

Overall Rating: cupcup 2/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

3 thoughts on “Slade House

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