Amanda’s Wedding

Author: Jenny Colgan • Category: Romance • Pages: 374


You have been cordially invited to the wedding of the year, that is if the groom can be pushed down the aisle.

Amanda wants to climb the social ladder and finds the best way to do it. By marrying Fraser a Scottish Laird. Fraser is a sweet guy and when Amanda’s old school “friends” (Mel and Fran) hear of the horror match they set to free Fraser from her clutches. Mel is also trying to win the love of her boyfriend Alex and keep Fran’s prowling on the opposite sex in check.


My Review

Amanda’s Wedding reads like a romantic comedy film and this isn’t a bad thing. Mel and Alex have a toxic relationship. Fran is questionable in her morals. Fraser and Angus are the all round nice guys. While Amanda, is a shallow bitch (no other way to put it really). Put them all together and you get some hilarious situations.

Like any good romcom, the storyline can be a bit far-fetched and wacky at times. As long as you go into it expecting that it won’t be a problem.

One thing that I really liked was for once I couldn’t see how this book was going to end. Normally the storylines in this category can be quite predictable and you are pretty much waiting for the unlikely couple to come together. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case.

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcup 4/5 teacups 

Want to read it?

Feel like crashing Amanda’s Wedding? Why not grab a copy from Book Depository today (that’s where I purchased mine and it is currently 59% off!)? To check out more Jenny Colgan magic including her latest release The Summer Seaside Kitchen click here.

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