The Memory Book



Sammie is a senior at school with a plan. Win Nationals for debating, graduate valedictorian and move to New York for college. But, unfortunately, the universe has other plans for Sammie.

Diagnosed with a debilitating illness that will claim her memories and her health she decides to document her life so future Sammie won’t forget everything she loves.




I would like to congratulate Lara Avery for two specific thing. Firstly, for having some diverse characters. Maddie is a lesbian and Stuart is from Indian heritage. Thank you for understanding that the world is evolved and diversity is a good thing! Let’s keep it up. Secondly, for actually using the word “vagina”. Hallelujah!! It is a pet peeve of mine when authors feel the need to call it anything other than what it is. This isn’t just in YA/NA it is across all genres. It’s called a vagina, it’s not a dirty word, it is what it is so get over it!

Back to the crux of the review. The Memory Book has quite a unique storyline and format which both interesting. Initially I found Sammie’s character polarised and couldn’t connect with her. I am not sure if this was the authors intention or not, but as the book progressd I felt she was more relateable. As a reader you go into reading this book knowing how it will inevitably end. It doesn’t distract from the story at all, and I still needed a tissue. I have rated this book a bit lower simply because I felt Sammie’s character was stereotyped too much initially and found the other aspects of the books plot aside from her health predictable.

Overall Rating: cupcupcup_20170103_201127 3.5/5 teacups 


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Happy reading x

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