The Truth About You


I must confess I started to read this book some time ago, but couldn’t get past the prologue. I was only a few weeks post-partum and couldn’t bring myself to read a book about a baby that had been abandoned. If you have children you will likely understand. If you don’t  then trust me this is normal (well I hope so!). Hormones all settled down I picked it up again to give it another crack.


After a disastrous breakup Nina has moved in with her estranged father. But how long can she keep her secret hidden?

Ruth has come home to Lakeview to see her family and show off her Hollywood success. But will an impromptu fling with a fellow actor result in permanent consequences?

Jess is happily married, successful and happy until she starts to feels left behind as the only non-mum amongst her friends. But is having a baby the answer?

Ella’s café is in the heart of the town of Lakefield and when a baby is found abandoned on its steps, everyone is left wondering who would do such a thing?



For me this book was about identity. The three main characters are tied by pregnancy which is a given, but underneath that is their internal struggles. Each one of them enters their journey from a different place and they all are somewhat forced to discover who they truly are before they make a decision about their children. The three separate, yet intertwined stories were all compelling and I think that different readers will be drawn to different characters. For me this was Jess. Most of my friends are the non-mum Jess’s of the world, so I was drawn to her story. Coming from a place of career success and deciding to shake up that with something as unpredictable as child definitely hit home (even though her initial motivations were questionable).

Yes there were some cliches and some seemingly unlikely situations in this novel, however, these were overshadowed by the captivating story line. Overall this novel is a wonderful story of self discovery with a thread of mystery that will keep you captivated till the very end.

Overall Rating: cupcupcupcup 4/5 teacups 


Want to see if you agree with my review? Why not grab a copy from Book Depository today? Or check out more from Melissa Hill click here.

Happy reading x

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