I am not reviewing this book!

I am not reviewing this book. Really, I’m not. I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman a while ago, so why am I writing about it now? This international best-seller, turned into a movie it is that good book holds a very special place in my literary heart…


Yep. There I have said it. Despite all the hype and awesome reviews, I hate this damn book. My grandmother said you never “hate” anything. Clearly she never read it. Why do I hate it? I found Mia a selfish that and I just kept on thinking “please just die already”. Why do I still own it? Because I am strange and can’t get rid of any books I own. But I digress.

But I haven’t written this just to vent my frustration (it helps though), I want to know which best seller / most anticipated book did you read and think “What the F*#! was that?”.Β 

Surely I can’t be the only one this has happened to! Vent your anger below, or maybe just tell me I am a crazy lady (that’s ok too). It is a safe space 😏

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