The Sleeping Prince

Author: Melinda Salisbury • Category: YA Fiction • Series: The Sin Eaters Daughter • Pages:367

This is the second book in The Sin Eaters Daughter trilogy. 


Everyone forgot that the tale of the Sleeping Prince who would wake every 100 years to devour hearts and wreak havoc was true. It was just a fairy tale. Until now.

He has woken from his slumber and Errin is forced to flee the closest thing she has to a home. In a time when creatures from the horror stories have come true should Errin put her trust in the mysterious hooded man Silas? Or will he turn into another nightmare?


My Review

Whilst The Sleeping Prince is the second instalment in the Sin Eaters Daughter trilogy, it is from the perspective of a completely new character (Errin). This is one of my pet peeves that authors who write series do. I feel have invested all this emotion into the “main characters” just to be introduced to more “main characters”. I actually had this book on my shelf for a while and this is the reason I didn’t pick it up. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised Salisbury managed to perk my interest in Errin’s story very early on and she weaved the old/new characters together quite well. I did however feel a bit at odds with Errin and Silas’s relationship. Their bond for me was lacking and as their amount of honest interaction was so limited.

It was clear this book was plot building platform for the remainder of series. I know this is common place for second books in series, but I have always believed each book should be able to stand on its own and this one feel short.

Overall, I found a The Sleeping Prince a good quick read, with an intriguing plot. It did lack some depth but I find alchemy is quite an interesting theme and this was at the centre of novel. The ending had a twist which was predictable and this definitely contributed to my overall impression of the book. I will still be reading the final instalment though- The Scarecrow Queen which is out March 2nd.

What did you think of The Sleeping Prince? Did you feel the big twist wasn’t so big?

Final thought. I have marigolds, just need a few more ingredients for the Elixir of Life 😉

Overall Rating: cupcupcup 3/5 teacups 

Want to read it?

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