A Leap of Faith


I have quite a few Trisha Ashley novels on my shelf (11 to be precise). I love a good bit of romance, especially after reading a more thought provoking book. She has a new book coming out this year The Little Teashop of Lost and Found which you can pre-order now.


Meet Sappho Jones a fantasy novel author, with an eye for adventure. At 39 years old she is afraid that she may end up an eccentric female living alone with a cat. Her solution? Find a baby daddy (or at least a sperm donor) before he biological clock stops. Moving to a country cottage in Wales she meets Nye. Is he a potential donor or could he be something more? The big four-oh is looming so she better make a move before its too late.



Have you ever been in the situation where a friend is talking about someone you don’t know in a way which assumes that you do? No introduction to them, no explanation, just straight into a story. You just sit there nodding hoping to feck that your brain will catch up to who the hell the person is before the conversation ends, because you have never heard of them in your life. That is how the first quarter (at least) of this book felt for me. I thought maybe I have missed a bit, so I re-read pages. Maybe I am reading too fast? Ok, slow down. Nope. Still confused. I just felt bombarded with characters and locations. My head hurts. Once I figured out who the hell everyone was I can’t say I was rewarded. This book was a combination of too far fetched and too many storylines. Of course all of Saphho’s friends live in or super close to her seemingly isolated village. Of course they are all writers and the one that aren’t can be because it is soooooo simple. And then there were things that I plain didn’t like. Stalkers need to got in jail or seek mental help, I don’t get the humour. Cruelty to animals isn’t ok either. And, I am sorry the sperm donor storyline was just creepy. There were about a bazillion storylines but looking back I think the book really wasn’t about much at all.

Oh my and the excerpts of Sappho’s book!! These made two things clear. Trisha Ashley is not a fantasy writer and  she should never be. Normally I find her romances light (if a bit far fetched) but this one truly didn’t meet the mark. In my opinion it is well below the standard set by other authors in this category and by other books by Trisha Ashley herself.

Overall Rating: cupcup 2/5 teacups 


Want to see if you agree with my review? Why not grab a copy from Book Depository today? Or check out more from Trisha Ashley (including some of her books I like more than this one) click here.

Are you a fellow Aussie and want to shop local try Booktopia. They currently have FREE DELIVERY for a limited time. All you have to do is spend over $17 and use the code “CELEBRATE” at checkout. Head over and grab some Trisha Ashley and let me know what you think.

Happy reading x

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